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Chart of the Day

Buffett Meter -5/29/2020

Conference Board -5/28/2020

Stock Market Sectors -5/27/2020

ECRI Weekly leading Index -5/26/2020

Commodities Index/S&P 500 Ratio -5/22/2020

Small Traders All In -5/21/2020

US PPI Final Demand -5/19/2020

Monthly Investment Framework -5/19/2020

Hussman Margin Adjusted Log Scale -5/19/2020

ECRI Weekly Leading Index -5/19/2020

Consumer Comfort Index vs S&P 500 -5/19/2020

Average Share Buyback -5/14/2020

Bond Returns -5/11/2020

Unemployment Chart Data Sheet -5/9/2020

FAAMG Ratios -5/8/2020

Loan Officers Credit Tightening -5/7/2020

Buffet Indicator Variant -5/6/2020

NASDAQ Rebound -5/5/2020

Federal Debt Growth -5/1/2020

 US GDP 10 Year -4/30/2020

Federal Balance Sheet -4/29/2020

Weekly Consumer Comfort Index vs S&P 500 -4/24/2020

Debt Projection Exceeds Economic Output -4/23/2020

S&P 500 Forward 12- Month P/E Ratio 10 Years -4/22/2020

COVID-19 World Development -4/21/2020

S&P vs Earnings -4/18/2020

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